Tipping Development has worked with a number of Los Angeles’ most active and reputable architects including Robert Tong, Tyler Gonzalez, among others.  As a testament to our working relationship with architects, we end up becoming the “go-to” general contractor when homeowners are looking for recommendations.

With that said, we highly value our relationships with talented architects and we continue to seek out top-tier architects, both residential and commercial, to collaborate with.  Some of the things we bring to the table are:

–       Ability to read, interpret and take action on prints with extreme accuracy

–        Rock solid craftsmanship so that post-completion legal risk is well mitigated

–        Accelerated timeframe to completion so that your project gets done expediently

–        Phenomenal client service so that you know your clients are well taken care both during and after the completion of the project

Lastly, given that we are well-established in the area, we are a repeat referral source for the architects we have relationships with.  What ends up happening is that people come to us when they see a new project being built and they say “I want something exactly like that” and within minutes we will be on the phone with you connecting you with an interested prospect.

Give us a call at 626-239-7900 and we can talk about ways in which we can help each other out.


Richard Tipping