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“Tipping Development has a reputation in the community.  Tipping Development provides excellent customer service.  Everything is done smoothly and on schedule.  Tipping Development has an experienced and responsible team to take care of the project so that you do not have to waste time dealing with little issues.”  – Tony Chang
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“Richard Tipping has an outstanding reputation in the San Gabriel valley for over 20 years. He is known to complete projects on time & budget with the utmost honesty and integrity.  Working with Tipping Development there were no surprises. They have an outstanding team always working for your best interest. The project was completed on time & on budget.  Richard Tipping/Tipping Development are true professionals.” – Steve Seidner
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“I’ve known Richard Tipping from working with him on past projects before he began Tipping Development. I found him easy to work with as he understood my wants and needs regarding my projects, and was able to complete the work in a timely matter. Therefore I was looking forward to working with him on future projects when he decided to form his own company. Since Tipping Development has opened, they have completed six of our projects at Dexter Real Estate Development Corp. I recommend them based on their honesty and integrity.”  — Charles Huang | Owner, Dexter Corporation
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“Tipping is a reputable and reliable general contractor.  He has earned respect from other developers.  After choosing Tipping Development, I  felt very relaxed because I knew I could trust them to make deadlines  and felt at ease with their professionalism.”  –Tom Lee
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About Us

Building Beautiful Homes in San Gabriel Valley

Tipping Development specializes in building single-family homes and condominium style communities in the San Gabriel Valley region of Southern California.

First to Adopt New Technology

By embracing technological advances immediately, you get a home crafted with unparalleled attention to detail that has a lasting quality that will endure for generations.

Established Reputation For On-Time & In-Budget Completion

Enjoy a project that is completed quickly, without the painful surprise of budget overruns. Our distinct advantage is our long-standing relationships with the key people in San Gabriel Valley, enabling us do things in an hour that would take someone else a week. This is another reason we are the most trusted San Gabriel general contractor.