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Tipping Development, a trusted local home building developer in Monrovia, CA and neighboring areas, has been helping make people’s luxurious dream homes, whether they are single family, multi family, spec homes, planned unit developments, or beautiful private mansions, become realities since 2012. It was founded by Richard Tipping, a master housebuilder, who has been in the house building and contracting industry since 1988. During that time, he has experienced the entire spectrum of the general contracting / real estate development business. His experience in the residential and commercial private development world include but aren’t limited to commercial and residential property and lot development, land acquisition (to facilitate homes built on your lot), entitlements, architectural designs, sales, and marketing.

Tipping Development Serving Beautiful Monrovia, CA

Tipping Development loves servicing homeowners in Monrovia, CA. Here’s a bit about the Monrovia, Rich appreciates so much.

Set right into the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley, Monrovia is one of the most beautiful and desirable places to build a home in California. Monrovia, CA is so beautiful in fact, that it is frequently used for filming movies and tv shows. Monrovia also has an endless amount of attractions like parks, hikes, museums, public art, community gardens, and even a wilderness preserve. Living in Monrovia never gets boring. We have worked on dozens of projects in Monrovia, CA and are never disappointed with this amazing city.

About the Founder

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Richard Tipping


Richard’s personable nature, vast experience in the custom homebuilding industry, and devotion to providing the absolute best in customer service within the property development space, makes him the best quality Arcadia building contractor to start a real estate development agency in Monrovia. Rich helps homeowners in Monrovia, CA and the surrounding areas build homes including gorgeous single family homes, multi-family homes, premier condominiums, and even commercial properties for investors designed by trusted and reputable architects in Southern California. Richard’s vast experience makes him the ideal custom home contractor (single family home developer, multifamily house builder, pud contractor, commercial general contractor – you name it) and private master builder.

As President, Richard oversees all general contracting operations while dealing with all of the valued customers personally and directly. He values great craftsmanship while being on-time, in-budget, and accountable. His personal touch, attention to detail, and the slogan that he abides by always, “American Craftsmanship You Can Trust” is why his clients, realtors, investors, quality property developer, other master builders, and architects alike come back to him again and again. It is also why he gets raving reviews and testimonials such as:

“Tipping Development has a reputation in the community. Tipping Development provides excellent customer service. Everything is done smoothly and on schedule. Tipping Development has an experienced and responsible team to take care of the project so that you do not have to waste time dealing with little issues.” – Tony Chang

Here’s just one of many examples of a happy client of Tipping Development that was looking to hire a local master builder contractor.

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